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Dead Theorists: The Card Game, Creator Print


A copy of the Dead Theorists game, a satirical card game incorporating living theory from deceased theorists. This is one of the prints that were made specifically for the game's creator. It's the same fancy version of the game that you can buy through retailers, but this one comes directly from the game creator's personal supply. It will also come with a sticker or another piece of swag while they last! You can even request a signed copy (if you're into that sort of thing) in the "special instructions" at checkout. Free shipping within the contiguous United States.

In Dead Theorists, the ghosts of Karl Marx, Simone De Beauvoir, Michel Foucault, and W.E.B. Du Bois have inexplicably taken residence on a college campus. You play as one of these 4 great (but deceased) thinkers seeking to complete their unfinished business: training their next greatest disciple from the ranks of today's eager students. But you’ve encountered two challenges you didn’t expect... First, the forces of neoliberalism have been hard at work dismantling the education system. It will be tough to enlist a final protégé from within today’s business-oriented university. Second, you’ve got competition! Other spirits have also awoken and they’re dead set on halting your progress and advancing their own pedagogical agendas.